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Occupy Strategies: Camps, Direct Action and New Institutions

Occupy Pittsburgh counter evicts BNY Mellon

The future of Occupy wages system transformation from the perspective of the many camps across the world, including Pittsburgh’s recent counter-eviction of Bank of NY Mellon, and/or from decentralized supporters engaging in direct and on-going action in the struggle against the corporatization of our planet.  We at Future of Occupy (FoO) will attempt to cover the varied and promising paths that are emerging.

We were pleasantly surprised to see an article with this name, “The Future of Occupy”, come across our screens just days after we settled on it, labeling our attempt to serve this movement.  Jules Lobel’s article, The Future of the Occupy Movement, gives reason to hope  that indeed it is possible to create lasting progressive change.  Amidst historical and precautionary tales, Lobel says that a third strategy, besides the camps and the direct actions, is creating new institutions that embody the Occupy ethic. This President of the Center for Constitutional Rights and Professor of Law at University of Pittsburgh Law School says “OWS can create organizational forms that combine its democratic, egalitarian origins with audacious, ongoing direct action, an overall narrative that continues to express values of solidarity, equality and democracy, and political independence and survive as a model of how a just society would operate“.

The Future of Occupy is exploring this idea of new institutions and organizational forms that can embody the Occupy principles of true democracy, justice and sustainability or “survive-ability” in current and upcoming posts.  Send us info in this direction if you come across it.

Mary Beth Steisslinger

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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