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On love, logic, and Occupying integrally

Roger from New Zealand wrote in his comment on  “Compassion Is Our New Currency” :

If you do your research adequately instead of relying on propaganda, you will know that “responding adequately to this crisis will plunge us all into unimaginable poverty (and you think you are impoverished already) and ironically play into the hands of big oil and the like, (of which you are most certainly a customer by the way), with increased margins and less need to supply.

In other words, using logic, I cannot discern any rationality with your protest.



Roger, I appreciate your taking time to share your view about the movement, and calling our attention to honor logic. Without cultivating the rational side of what we do, the movement would certainly not get far enough in preparing ourselves for dealing with the devastating consequences of humankind’s intertwining crises, sometimes also referred to as the “world problematique

Please consider that this is a baby movement, only few months old, that has already achieved a remarkable understanding of its life conditions. Unlike human babies, a baby collective organism can grow virally, thanks to the shared mind of the multitudes. Come back in a year and see where we are. Or even better, stay tuned and watch how we’re addressing your concern.

I thanked you for suggesting that we use our logic, not because we don’t but because it reminded me of the need for a balanced, integral approach to changing the world. It’s fine to recognize that it is a r’evolution of love, but it’s not only that.

Source: Developing Leadership Capacity: Searching for the Integral, by Mary Key, Ph.D. & Robin Wood, Ph.D

Clearly, to be successful, we will need to cultivate: love and logic, both of which reside in left quadrant (individual and collective); the emergent narrative of the movement (lower left), which is the primary focus of The Future of Occupy collective; our skills and behaviors (upper right); and our intimate understanding the socio-economic systems and policies that frame our existence.

Only then we will be able to change them.

7:54 am in FoO Media, Identity & Strategy by George PórTags: global crises, integral, integral strategy, logic, , multitude, narrative

2 responses to On love, logic, and Occupying integrally

  1. George,
    It appears that you accidentally spammed my last comments so here they are again.

    I do apologise if the word “twaddle” appeared too strong, but I am honestly interested if you can enlighten me a little more about your movement as I would be unfortunate if I condemned it without being sure that it has no substance.

    BTW for your information, I do have another blog upon which I post conversations of this sort, especially when they end with the blogger being unwilling or unable to answer my perfectly reasonable questions.

    Obviously my readers immediately share my pessimism of any questions that are met by spamming or silence.
    Take a read at


    Thanks for considering my comment, however I am a man who deals in facts and your “explanation” above looks like a lot of twaddle to me.

    If you can help Anna at to come up with some real answers I would be much obliged.



  2. Hi Roger,

    “Your movement is looking for some sort of handout”. If that’s what you boil down to the movement’s call for social and economic justice and redressing the democracy deficiency of our societies, the only thing I can say is that you’re entitled to your opinion even if nobody I met in the movement would share it.

    You’re also entitled to say things like “I do not trust a thing you say,” but then why would we want to contribute to this conversation. We will not.

    You wrote: “I simply cannot understand your movement, but I have to say it seems reminiscent of the hippie movement of the ’70′s which once again proved to be an excuse to cop out of society and indulge in private greed with no economic contribution.”

    Let’s be frank, your issue is not about not understanding but not agreeing with us, which is perfectly OK. However, The Future of Occupy is not one of the “anything-goes” online hangouts but a site with a mission, namely, “to serve the self-organizing collective consciousness and intelligence of the movement, and the co-creativity of Occupiers everywhere.” We just can’t take more time away from what we’re here to do, by pursuing this conversation. I hope you understand.

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