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Exploring the future of “The Future of Occupy”

Thank you OWS for showing us what The Future of Occupy can also be. We at FoO started out as a website, where we curate Occupy news. Starting with the February issue of our newsletter, we expanded into a new possibility. The quality of some of its essays, and the underlying, deeper inquiry that they were reflecting, took us in the direction of becoming a people’s think tank: a laboratory without walls for discovering and exploring new insights and inspirations with FoO contributors and readers.

Then came the OWS Forum on the Commons. We offered to host there an online/on-site workshop on reclaiming the commons as a theory of collective action, under the title “Occupy-Commons” strategy,” and opened the pages of FoO to the threads of conversation among its online participants. It led us to discover that a good part of our site’s content can also become educational material in the context of new kinds of workshops and other social learning events that we can offer to movements and people working for integral change.

Where may we go from here? To find the answer, we don’t have to look into a crystal ball. FoO will grow and evolve in the direction, in which the passion of the collective’s members will take it. If we deeply inhabit, “occupy” the present, with a heightened awareness of what has heart and meaning for us, then inside it we can see and experience the future that wants to come into being through the wise choices we make about our life today.

If we prototype shared spaces, physical and virtual, for listening together and speaking from that heightened awareness, what could happen? That kind of listening occurs when we listen to each other not only with our ears but also with our heart, and with a great curiosity to the intersubjective field between us, the field of pure potential. That’s not the ordinary listening for gathering information. It’s more like a listening that is also experiencing one’s own creative edge in the presence of others.

In that shared space, what path(s) could we discover for the future of The Future of Occupy? What could such a future look like if it grew out from FoO’s vibrant present, and filled us with inspiration, joy, desire and enthusiasm for co-creating it ?

Does this sketch of pathfinding for The Future of Occupy resonate with you at all?

5:12 pm in About FoO, Editorials, FoO Media by George Pór 2 Comments »

2 responses to Exploring the future of “The Future of Occupy”

  1. Thanks George for sharing this vision that I also share wholeheartedly. In our time working on the January and now the February issues and with a third issue on the Commons to be published early next month I am witnessing as we research, curate and co-create, what could be described as a knowledge commons, the metamorphosing into a think tank and space-maker for future visioning and bottom up strategic action. Your questions “what path(s) could we discover from here”, and “what could such a future look like” for this project, are very exciting and can only be answered together with interested occupiers and commoners. Perhaps some of the paths will be discovered as we continue our Occupy Commons Strategy workshop which finishes on the 23rd. If their is enough appetite, which I think their is, for this kind of reflective and strategy oriented learning & coordination I look very much forward to this and joining everyone on the journey.

  2. It seems to me this is the “Brilliant/Shimmering Cusp” — the natural outgrowth of an “organism” developing organically, like a baby growing in its mother’s womb. These ideas are SO NATURAL and have such Inherent beauty. They must be a product of TRUTH!

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