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I started a new article (blog) series called FIRST THINGS FIRST. The inspiration for this series has come from the perspective that the U.S. has come to a crossroads… It looks to me that in the U.S. alone hundreds of millions of people know that something is terribly wrong and every day are seeing evidence of failure in many of our systems to be truly compassionate and democratic let alone finding and implementing actual solutions to deep problems which affect hundreds of millions in the U.S. and billions of people globally. Responsibility falls on all of us, but obviously and primarily where most of the money and power is and I am talking about the private sector as well as the public sector. ACTIONS DO SPEAK MUCH LOUDER THAN ANY WORDS, but we have to start somewhere.

There is still A LOT of denial or somehow mass belief that ‘every’ individual’s participation in finding solutions isn’t relevant or necessary which couldn’t be further from reality. Of course critical thinking is necessary.

I am networking in my city and some around the country and world because I feel the urgency to address issues. I see what is going on around the world including the U.S. and even in my city here in L.A. and I cannot be silent.

Many of our fellow U.S. Americans aren’t familiar with much of our country’s own history. What is happening NOW to millions of people economically is very similar to what U.S. Americans were experiencing during the Great Depression in the 1930′s. Many in the U.S. don’t realize how the crises were solved and who got the ball rolling to open Roosevelt’s eyes. Many also deny the historical fact that the New Deal did have a lot to do with solving the economic problems to end the Great Depression. What little is being done now to actually address the problems that affect THE MOST PEOPLE is nothing short of appalling and shocking and as actor Russell Brand told a reporter on the BBC this week.. “NOW IS THE TIME TO WAKE UP!”

People who really know me know that I love to have fun, but I also deeply care about the sustainability of life on this planet. I will be sharing not only my thoughts, but also will be blogging separately on current events as they pertain to the subject matter in this series and if you aren’t aware, you will learn about some projects and activities which have already begun being implemented in various communities around the globe in order to begin addressing the deep problems. Of course it starts with STOPPING DENIAL and to be humble, honest, and open. I would love to hear your thoughtful and open-minded views and connect as fellow citizens, not only in the U.S., but as fellow Earthlings as well.

Thank you for reading and your feedback.


First Things First Series

As an artist, I have always been re-inventing myself. As an educator, entrepreneur, and activist, I could say the same, but it is definitely important to expand on this idea.

What are our real priorities as individuals and as part of collective groups?

The more I contemplate this question, the more that I realize the fundamental common sense need to focus on priorities. This really inspired me to begin writing a blog series because there are so many problems that must be addressed.

It must start on a massive scale inspired by the ancient Greek forums of public discussions. They should take place from local to global communities, as well as live online and in person.

So, let’s talk to each other more and start with first things first.

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