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Curating for us is more than just listing or annotating Occupy-specific content. Good museum curators don’t only select artifacts for display; they also design the conditions for the best possible experience of the users.

However, we are aiming at more than that. We want to catalyze the process by which the movement is developing capacities for wise deliberations in complex matters, at an increasing scale. That intent is a direct response to a statement in the Occupy Mandala that reads: “Let us not be weighed down by the complexity of our situation.”

The complexity that we’ll have to tackle will only increase, as Occupy “occupies everything” and re-invents social institutions by general assemblies of Occupy Education, Occupy Monetary System, etc., one by one. Hopefully our work, and that of kindred spirits will enhance our capacity to coordinate and act wisely to meet these challenges. It will be a test of the multitudes’ shared mind, which has tremendous consequences of failing or passing. We intend to bring the fruits from the arts and sciences of collective intelligence to bear on the curation process for helping to pass it.

All publications on this site are part of the Creative Commons and available to be downloaded for non-commercial use. We ask that writers and artists be given attribution.