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In this section we will explore what you can find on this website and how you can interact with these pages.

We publish and comment on articles, blogs, talks, on-the-ground reports, videos, poems, art, and just about anything that can be digitized and serves the movement – if it matches at least one of our editorial criteria.

On our site, you will find news and views that our team of curators has deemed contributes to the big question: where is the Movement heading? If you would like to contribute to the overall collective intelligence emerging out of these pages please add your views to the blog posts we publish, the videos, poetry, art and music we host. If something strikes a chord with you and you find others who would like to form a group to explore it at greater length, join our FoO community pages and contact us to apply for opening a group with capacity for discussion forums and working with documents in our wiki.

Currently the site’s content is structured in the following containers:


FoO Collective | Meet the Team | Explore | About Curation | Our Point of View | Press Room

In this bucket you can find out more about us, the FoO Collective, meet our team, discover our take on curation and our point of view on content inclusion. Finally we have a press room for press releases, news updates and useful information for journalists and media professionals. Click on the above ‘About’ links to find out more.


Movement Sense-Making | What is sense-making | The Imperative of Movement Sense-Making

Discover what we mean by Sense-making and movement Sense-Making as terms that liberate the collaborative potential in a project. We see the movement itself consciously engaging with the process of sensing and making meaning out of what is emerging in the world as a result of its actions. Click on the above ‘Sense-Making’ links to find out more.


UK  | US | Online

Check in at our workshop section to discover key workshops and forums that have or are taking place within Occupy. Both in the UK, the US and online, we aim to provide you with the best in curated content that emerges out of these workshops. Click on the above ‘Workshops’ links to find out more.


Big Picture | Economics | Identity & Strategy | Academics & Research | Essays | Interviews | Editorials | Reports | Social Innovation | Direct Democracy | Activism | Poetry | Video

Under the FoO Media page we house all the posts being submitted to the website in chronological order.

  1. The main section of FoO Media - can be found under the horizontally arranged categories under ‘Media’. These display categories of a particular type of content e.g., blog posts, essays, articles, poetry or videos, or a particular subject e.g., Big Picture, Economics, Identity & Strategy, Academics & Research, Social Innovation, Direct Democracy, and Activism. The categories are very broad, for example ‘Social Innovation’ can encompass a wide range of topics which appear in our tag cloud. For this reason the number of categories will remain limited to roughly this number, which we hope will help our readers successfully navigate the site.
  2. FoO media info posts – read the media posted under the About FoO category to find out more about the Future of Occupy project.
  3. FoO Resources – discover a collection of media posted under the categories key statements, process documents, and theoretical frameworks and models that are also found under the menu link ‘Resources’.


Assemblies | Working Groups | Commons 

Under the magazine section we showcase particular topics that are pertinent to the evolution of the movement at a particular point in time, while also producing work which we hope will remain timeless reference materials. As well as the co-production of a quality online magazine on particular thematic issues such as the ‘Commons’ issue, these thematic issues are also categories. With each post submitted to the website that falls under these categories, the evolution of the theme can carry on beyond the production of the magazine.


Key Statements | Frameworks and Models | Process Technologies | Downloads

Read key statements by the General Assemblies of Occupation sites from around the world, overviews and introductions to process methodologies useful for self-organization at increasing scale, and theoretical frameworks for understanding and strengthening the movement. Also find in the downloads section links to free gifts we would like to share with our readers of our magazine.

Together with FoO ‘Media’, the thematic issues under ‘Magazine’ and ‘Resources’, comprise all the main categories that our content is organized under.

Get Involved

Facilitators | Geeks | Media Wizards | Research | Video Makers | Visual Artists | Writers

Want to know how you can get involved? Check out our Get Involved pages where you can discover how to engage with our FoO media, FoO Community and the FoO Collective. Each activity that you will learn about on these pages are essential to the success of the projects underway at the Future of Occupy, contributing in different ways to the expansion and deepening of our work.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the site, would like to get involved with our work, submit media that contributes to our mission and meets our inclusion criteria, or for anything else then please use the contact form and one of our FoO Stewards will reply within 24 hours.