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Meet the Team

The FoO Collective began in London and quickly spread beyond UK shores to Europe, North America South America and Canada.

Below is the current core team of FoO stewards.


Anna Betz

30 years experience of working in the public and private sector in health and social care, Medical Herbalist, workshop leader with Living Medicine and co-founder of School of Commoning where individual, communal, organisational, and social evolution meet.

Dan Nowman Niswander

Dan ’Nowman’ Niswander is a musician, actor, writer, producer, and organizer/activist based out of the Los Angeles area. He works in financial aid and outreach at a community college and blogs for Occupy Los Angeles Media. He has released two pop/rock albums as a solo artist and video productions include a web series. His first book “The Universe According to Nowman” is scheduled for release in 2012.

George Pór

Instigator and founding editor of FoO, George Pór is an evolutionary thinker/activist, mentor and adviser to changemakers about how to grow and mobilize collective intelligence and wisdom. Former student organizer in the 60s, current fan of intergenerational learning.

Mark Jagdev

Operational steward at FoO, the founder of Evolutionary Cities and a co-founder of the School of Commoning. Mark is passionate about co-learning and acting on what it takes to develop self-sufficiency, consciousness and culture within and across communities and their urban spaces. 

Mary Beth Steisslinger

A systems biologist learning, researching, writing, networking and teaching about the commons movement.  Mary Beth Steisslinger collaborates with fellow commoners internationally through the Global Commons Trust and the School of Commoning, and in her hometowns of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Isle Au Haut, Maine.

Stephen Collis

A poet and activist in Vancouver Canada, Stephen works with Occupy Vancouver’s Communications and Environmental Justice Committees, and teaches poetry and poetics at Simon Fraser University. His forthcoming books include “A History of Change” (2012) and “To the Barricades” (2013).