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The list of criteria presented below grew out from our recent conversations with others who are active in the movement, and it is subject to ongoing interpretation, questioning, and dialogue. It will serve our work as shared reference until its next update, based on the input from all users/contributors of this site.

Occupy-related materials that we currently include in the content published or re-published here should meet one or more of the following content criteria.

  1. Pertinent to the evolution of the movement and its capacity to meet challenges and opportunities of increasing scale. That criteria especially includes content related to enhancing our capacity to deal with the complexity of larger issues.
  2. Presenting new solutions to pressing problems facing humanity.
  3. References to the commons, reclaiming the commons, commons-based peer-production, commons-based society, which we consider a key element of a sustainable, people-powered future.
  4. Raising public awareness about the significance and strategic options of the structural changes that society is going through, with fresh perspectives.
  5. Reflecting the movement’s potential to advance the building of new institutions capable to overcome the democracy deficit of the current establishment.

If you find that this criteria resonates with you, please consider contributing to the site, by sending your annotated links, blog posts and/or any other FoO Media to us using the contact form here or engage in conversation on our FoO Community platform using these criteria as a guideline.