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This site is hosted in loving service to the global Occupy movement, by an open and expanding group of volunteers known as the “The Future of Occupy” (FoO) collective

The FoO Collective was born when members of the School of Commoning discovered their shared passion to put their skills and talents in service to what Occupy stands for. Our intention is to grow the collaborative into a broad-based knowledge commons.

Our purpose:

To catalyze and boost the movement’s awakening collective intelligence. Helping it learn from the future as it is emerges – from the collective will to transition to a social system that is fair and sustainable.


We support the movement’s self-reflection by:

  • gathering and curating the choicest pieces of news, thought, and information from and the movement,
  • advancing the movement’s collaborative sense-making process through feeding the action-reflection-action cycle,
  • enabling the cross-fertilization of future-responsive insights, aspirations, and practices worth replicating,
  • providing a repository of emergent collective intelligence in terms of visioning, and best thinking and practices,
  • publishing periodic thematic issues focused on questions that are both timely and timeless,
  • facilitating and co-occupying our FoO Community platform by engaging in discussion groups and forums that further our mission and purpose. If you are not already a part of our community you can register here.

We always welcome new collaborators, so please do check out more of what we do and co-create for the movement. If you spot something you would like to get involved with on this page then please contact us here.

Note: In addition to our ‘About’ pages, the About FoO  category chronologically references all updates and announcements about both the future of Occupy across the movement and more specifically the FoO project.  You can also access this category in the category drop down menu on the sidebar of the website home page and the all blog and media posts.