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Welcome to FoO media, this page of The Future of Occupy website houses all the posts being submitted to the website in chronological order.

  1. The main section of FoO Media - can be found under the horizontally arranged categories under ‘Media’ – if you like what you come across and/or it sparks off reflections you would like to share, then we warmly encourage you to comment on those posts and join our community by registering here.
  2. FoO media info posts – read the media posted under the About FoO category to find out more about the Future of Occupy project.
  3. FoO Resources – discover a collection of media posted under the categories key statements, process documents, and theoretical frameworks and models that are also found under the menu link ‘Resources‘.

The main section of FoO Media, horizontally displays categories of a particular type of content e.g., blog posts, essays, articles, poetry or videos, or a particular subject e.g., Big Picture, Economics, Identity & Strategy, Academics & Research, Social Innovation, Direct Democracy, and Activism.

The categories are very broad, for example ‘Social Innovation’ can encompass a wide range of topics which appear in our tag cloud. For this reason the number of categories will remain limited to roughly this number, which we hope will help our readers successfully navigate the site.

One category we would like to add is ‘Visual Art’. To make that possible we need to see more art work submitted to the website. If you are an artist please read our Get Involved page for visual artists.