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In the biggest sense of the word the FoO Collective are all facilitators of a larger social process that is now accelerating in its conscious transition to a more just and sustainable world for all. As the latest inspirational incarnation of this ongoing process, we facilitate the global Occupy Movement as it continues to evolve and learn new capacities. Specifically we seek to facilitate movement sense-making capacities that are not well addressed in the movement, and are in continual need of building if we are to meet the increasing complexities of today and tomorrow. To read more about this approach, see our blog posts ‘What is sense-making‘ page and the ‘Imperative of movement sense making‘.

As an online community facilitator at FoO you will work closely with the FoO Collective and engage in the general task of optimizing the learning and collaboration experience for our members. Specifically you will do this by:

  1. Becoming very closely aware of the inclusion criteria we use for all that we do, including our conversations, whether they take place in the comments sections of our FoO media, or on the FoO community platform.
  2. Being aware of what is happening in and around Occupy and identifying Occupiers who would particularly benefit from group collaboration on our FoO Community platform or from reading/viewing/listening to particular FoO media.
  3. Striking up generative conversations with Occupiers across the web to find out their needs and how we could meet those needs in the service of our mission. Ensuring that Occupiers as potential members of FoO are aware of our community platform and the additional value it brings to the conversations they would like to have, or are already having. These conversations can be triggered through the writing of mini-blog posts (under 500 words), new discussion topics in our FoO Community, tweets, and messages on other social networks.
  4. Ensuring that key resources are provided to the groups we facilitate on our FoO Community platform – to assist them in their aims before, during and after their collaboration.
  5. Welcoming and facilitating introductions between new members.
  6. Spending time reading through discussions in the community to make sure that members are getting answers to questions and helping to make sure that the right people are being pulled into conversations.
  7. Potentially creating weekly or bi-weekly summary reports of group activity.
  8. Ongoing brainstorming and strategizing with other members of the FoO Collective with respect to improving the community experience.
  9. Ongoing communications, supporting and building relationships of trust with all of our community members.

We hope that this list gives you some idea of what our FoO facilitators do! If you are a seasoned practitioner or even if you are new to this kind of work – if you resonate with what we do and like the sound of this role then please get in touch! Whether you are new or experienced we are confident that relationships of mutual enrichment and learning will unfold as we engage in the community art of facilitation.