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Media Wizards

This is an invitation to aspiring/budding social media wizards

to work, learn and play with a dynamic international collective

of Occupy supporter activists, academics, and artists

and to co-invent, co-create, nourish & promote

cultural performances of consequence,

in hybrid (online/off-line) media

for and by the movement.

We are seeking like-minded associates as well as friends, who understand that we must be active participants in the process and have FUN as we co-create the new world emerging!!!

Come to work and play with us, with a focus on spreading the word and feeding the channels of social interconnections around all the news, blogs, articles, video, audio, photos and more that you will find on our growing site.


This is a situation for someone who can commit to a minimum of 1 hr/day, for a period of 3 to 6 months, working remotely. As we’re still a small group, the person will be working closely with the editors on the team and will contribute directly and significantly to our activities.

  • Share news from FoO daily via facebook, twitter and other social networks our latest blog posts
  • Instigate and promote conversations about FoO content, and alert the team about their newsworthy highlights
  • Develop our Facebook and Google Plus pages in collaboration with the editors, propose new innovations that can take the use of those pages to the next level.
  • Interact with other Occupy-related websites and where possible, reference FoO posts that can support them

Please note that those tasks do not constitute a “job description” that you have to fit in. If you have appetite to help with any of them or invent other ways of promoting The Future of Occupy, that would be cool!

To express your interest and to find out more please contact us.