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Occupy art might just be the movement’s most politically potent tool. Michele Elam writes in CNN Edition, International:

…perhaps most provocatively, Shepard Fairey — the artist who famously created the Obama “Hope” poster — contributed “You Are Invited to the Occupation Party,” featuring a portrait of a woman evocative of the black power movement, and placing Occupy Wall Street within a deeper history of civil rights protest.

This kind of reframing of ones perception that a piece of art can achieve is where a thousand words can sometimes fail. In Elam’s article she tells of the impact that art has played in Occupy, published almost two weeks before the Future of Occupy project was born. In another article written by Igor Ovsyannykov on April 12, 2012:

…such pieces are being collected by the New York Historical Society and the National Museum of American History to preserve for future generations. These pieces of art can help to explain the protesters causes and capture a snapshot of history.

At FoO we invite artists to contribute their art that can elicit deep reflection and move people to seeing not only the causes that has brought about millions of people around the world to rise up and Occupy, but also the solutions going forward. Lets Occupy the kind of Art that embodies what we do at FoO expressing the living criteria we use as guidelines for all of our content. In doing this we can begin to build a library of art on this website that can be created for and by the people. FoO artists can also help us make the FoO site more beautiful too! If this sounds like fun and you have a creative flair for capturing reflections on topics such as the Future of Occupy and the new world emerging, then please contact us here.