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Our Community

The FoO Community Information Desk

Welcome to the ‘info’ desk of the FoO community platform, here we provide an overview of the FoO Community section.

If you haven’t joined/registered for our Community pages yet and want to interact with other Occupiers collaborating on the Future of Occupy and its sense-making capacities then please register here. To assist you in the sign up process and getting familiar with the key social features of our community please view our Quick guide in .pdf or .doc formats.

Our community has three major areas, the activity feed, groups and forums.


Activity provides a stream of chronologically listed activity happening in the community, from posts and media being submitted, conversations taking place, to news of/from our groups and forums. Check out all the latest from our FoO community in this section here.


This section lists all the groups set up to collaborate on particular topics. Upon request to the FoO Collective our members may set up a group to collaborate on matters that will further the mission of the Future of Occupy, in line with the guidelines we use for our content inclusion. If you would like to set up a group please get in touch using our contact form here. Each group can be either open access or closed. In all cases whether the group is closed or open the content inclusion criteria must be a cornerstone for creation and access to a group and its activities. Although we encourage groups to be open access closed groups can also be set up with the conditions that not only are they and their activities based on our content inclusion criteria, but any additional criteria must be agreed upon in advance with the FoO team. The closed group can then use them to decide which new members to accept. View all the groups here.


Forums exist within groups and can not be set up without first creating a group. One forum per group is allowed, within which multiple numbers of tagged discussion topics/threads can be opened. Forums vary in focus and content. Some are chosen by moderators and others can be proposed by members and can be moderated or non-moderated, depending on their purpose. View all the forums here.

If you have any further questions please contact us. You can also strike up a conversation with us and fellow occupiers in the community members section. :)