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Occupy, the peer-to-peer movement and Marxism

Excerpts from “Peer-to-Peer and Marxism: analogies and differences,” an interview of Michel Bauwens, founder of the Foundation for Peer-to-Peer Alternatives by Jean Lievens. Having facilitated a teach-in on commons-based peer production, governance and property, at Occupy Wall Street’s Liberty Plaza encampment last November, Bauwens visited London and the School of Commoning featured him in its series of Meetings with [...]

Occupy, the peer-to-peer movement and Marxism

Beyond Protest: the way of People’s Assemblies

In the conversation about a suggestion to amend General Assembly’s Initial Statement, in the 18 November GA of #OccupyLSX, there was a consensus that parliamentary democracy is not working, and that it was time for a new model of democracy. The amendment said:  “This alternative must be built by people’s assemblies across the country… It [...]

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