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Entrance to the Occupy commons strategy workshop online


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Over the last month we’ve been reading, analyzing, and honing in on the most vibrant conversations taking place in the Working Groups. Our February issue, the ‘Focus on Working Groups‘ presents you with a number of blogs and essays highlighting exciting strategic ideas, specific proposals, and LOTS MORE bubbling up from the WGs. It is our [...]

How r’evolution carries itself forward by the Working Groups of Occupy

R’evolution is shorthand for the jump time of evolution, when social relations that have been frozen for a long time start thawing and the obsolescence of the dominant social order becomes obvious to the multitudes. It’s a time of unfreeze, a fascinating moment, when what the future can become is up to us, to our [...]

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All People are Organic Intellectuals: the role of socially conceived theory in transformation

“Antonio Gramsci, writing in early 20th century Italy, argued that all people are intellectuals and philosophers. ‘Organic intellectuals’ is how he terms people who take their local knowledge from life experiences, and use that knowledge to address changes and problems in society.” from Participatory action research – Wikipedia Gramsci’s concept of “organic intellectual” resonates with the [...]

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