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This website is designed around our commitment to increase the collective intelligence and sense-making capacities of the movement. We started out by producing blog posts, articles, poems and media that reflected our evolving editorial criteria. We then began producing a newsletter in January and February, and built on this for the Spring period by both releasing our magazine and hosting on this new interactive site. The new site acts as a social community platform for new and seasoned occupiers, blog-site and magazine – that together represent the next phase of our mission to develop the movements sense-making capacities.

Please keep one eye peeled for updates on this page, about workshops that we will host on our community forum pages and other online workshops taking place throughout the international occupy 2.0 community.

  1. OWS Strategy Workshop – a strategy based workshop we at FoO hosted at the Feb 16-18 Occupy Wall Street Making Worlds forum on the Commons.
    • For the highlights Read here.
    • For the home page of the full workshop click here.