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UK Workshops

Here we list the physical workshops taking place in the UK that are significant milestones for the movement, as well as those that develop the sense-making capacities of the movement.

The Future of Occupy (FoO) Forum, London (Proposal).

This is a placeholder announcement for Occupy groups in the UK. When the time is right we, The Future of Occupy Collective, are on standby to work with all Occupy groups in the UK to deliver a Conference in London on the Future of the Occupy Movement. This will be a day of collaborative scenario development and sense-making, involving activists, progressive think tanks, media workers supporting Occupy, and the public at large. To read more about this workshop click here.

Workshops in Attention Training

This is a training adapted for the needs of social change in the 21st century. It looks at how we hold this space we call “we” and how we can function more effectively in it. Up until quite recently little attention has been given to awareness itself in the context of group situations and how we humans hold this inter-subjective space. To read more about this workshop click here.