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The Future of Occupy (FoO) Forum, London. (Proposal)

If the below announcement catches your attention please contact us at: team(at)thefutureofoccupy(dot)org

Can Occupy learn to: think together better, as a movement?


A conversation for raising awareness about the need, challenges, and opportunities for boosting our connective intelligence and wisdom.

Facilitated by George Pór, founding editor of

“All across the movement people are discussing where we go from here. We believe it’s time to create space for these conversations to come together.  Where have we come to? Where are we going?  What potential do we have as a national and international movement?  What are our strengths and weaknesses?  How can we continue to grow?”

— from the “Visions, Strategies, Tactics: Where Do We Go From Here?”

movement conversation at OWS, Dec 18, 2011

Connecting better our conversations is the first step to become wiser together, just in time to meet the cumulative challenges of the winter, state repression, and the lack of adequate organisational infrastructure for developing and coordinating a coherent strategy locally and globally. The second step is to stop our anticipating a future based on wishful thinking and, instead, use a rigorous, collaborative analysis of the conditions in which our dreams might succeed or fail or be altered.

Our adversaries have at their disposal the techniques of SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), issues identification, scenario building, etc. All those tools are products of the collective intellect of the 99%. It’s time to reclaim them for the benefit of the 99%.

In this conversation we will explore what are the systemic requirements for effective strategic thinking that is acting in the present with a clear sense of the future, a sense of what the future environment of our action might be.

It will also serve as an introduction to a day-long capacity building event planned for next month.  See below.

The Future of the Occupy Movement: a Day of Collaborative Sense-making

This is an event looking for input from and collaboration with all General Assemblies & Working Groups of Occupy in the UK.

“The Future of Occupy” collective invites you to a shared discovery journey into the future of the movement. We will build scenarios together, form citizen councils, dialogue with panels of futurizing professionals, watch some of the best of the Occupy movies, and have fun whilst co-creating something of lasting value. Part of that value will be in enhancing our collective capability for strategic, anticipatory thinking, the condition of future-responsive collective action. The other, yet-to-discover part will be in what we can do with that enhanced capability.

WHY  – The intent of this event is 3-fold:

  1. The movement needs to strengthen its capability to boost its collective intelligence, rapidly, if it is to meet its epic opportunities and challenges. We want to bring our contribution to that boosting.
  2. For the “collective intelligence” meme and practices to travel well and fast, first, we need to prototype an on-the-ground, collaborative sense-making event. It will be a work-in-progress prototype that, if successful, can be replicated in other cities and countries, where Occupy is present.
  3. Strengthen the reputation of the movement, as capable to create a network of vibrant cultural centre of educational and community events

WHAT — The flow of the event may include:

  • Input from attendees about the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to the movement
  • Input from expert panel on scenario-development and movement sustainability issues
  • Screening of video interviews made with Occupiers
  • Collaborative scenario writing, informed by all input collected
  • What did we learn today and where do we go from here?


We will not debate the direction that the movement should take. Instead, we will use World Cafe and other group processes for making visible the collective intuition and intelligence present among the attendees about the choices ahead. The harvest of the day can then feed any GA or WG that wants to use it as input.

We will also use innovative presentation tools and visuals, live streaming to connect with other Occupiers around the world, and social media to enhance and spread our experience.


Contact: team(at)thefutureofoccupy(dot)org