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US Workshops

Here we list the physical workshops taking place in the US that are significant milestones for the movement, as well as those that develop the sense-making capacities of the movement.

The Future of Occupy (FoO) Workshop at the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Making Worlds, Commons Forum Feb 16-18.

Delivered by Mary Beth Steisslinger at OWS

This workshop was made up of two parts asking firstly, What are the challenges to successful horizontal politics? Then secondly, Why and how to form knowledge commons for horizontal strategy? Both sections were informed by and inter-linked with the Occupy-Commons strategy workshop, that was taking place before the event, concurrently, and following on from the event online at the FoO website. To read more about this workshop click here.

What does organizing the Common mean? Forum May 5th 2012.

Just days after May Day, with its joys and passions still reverberating, we call for a spontaneous seminar around the theme and title of ”Organizing Molecular Knowledges and Networked Militancy.” With organizers and participants of the 16 Beaver Group with David Harvey, Miguel Robles-Duran, friends from Edu-Factory, Making Worlds, and friends and organizers from May Day. To read more about this forum click here.

Making Worlds 2013, Building the Commons. March 29th-30th.

The Future of Occupy join in a collaboration with Making Worlds 2013 to engage in some key questions for Building the Commons in NYC and beyond. Over the course of two days participants will come together to sense into these questions and build tools in which commoning can be activated in New York. For a small collection blog posts and resources contributed by the Future of Occupy and other collaborators please click here.